Adjacent Possibilities is a storytelling and creative media agency. We help forward-thinking organizations connect to audiences through captivating human stories, trans-media projects, and transformative arts experiences.

Theory of Change

Adjacent Possibilities tells stories and creates experiences that shift public imagination, orienting people toward transformative opportunities. Our time calls for more than incremental steps—we need collective buy-in for bold change. Adjacent Possibilities develops the consciousness for this sort of change, celebrating examples of transformation through storytelling, communications, and art experiences, all in partnership with outstanding organizations.

Attention to Attention

Attention is essential to shifting perspectives and catalyzing change. In the struggle for attention, Adjacent Possibilities helps messages of complex, innovative, progressive organizations win out.

But we’re about way more than boosting clicks on your website. Our multimedia storytelling is geared to elevate the quality of the attention brought to your work. By producing content that connects systemic change to personal narrative, we move people to think, imagine and act.