12 Lessons (un)Learned (2017)


In 2017, as Canada marks its sesquicentennial, many Canadians struggle to square the revelations uncovered in Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission with national myths about the moral virtue of Canadians. Dealing with these competing narratives is uncomfortable, but the ability to unlearn legacy beliefs is an essential capacity if we are to decolonize our institutions, our country and ourselves.

Unlearning is a skill we need for reconciliation but it has a broader application, too. When we can humbly ask “what if I’m wrong about that?” transformative innovation can follow; to conjure forth better paradigms, we have to let frames that once gripped us fall away.

In 2017's installment of the annual 12 Lessons series we focused on lessons unlearned, sharing small and large efforts to challenge the deeply held beliefs that stand in the way of a better world. We were lucky to collaborate with Métis artist Rihkee Strapp to re-interpret the written lessons and give them visual life. 

Website: 12lessons.mcconnellfoundation.ca